Sunday, 16 February 2014

 Time to get started....

There’s nothing like publicly announcing that you are going to do something to get you motivated and committed!  I’ve tried blogging before, but I was pathetic at remembering to make updates.  So setting up a blank blog and handing over the address for publication in the St Pat’s newsletter was a ‘point of no return’ moment for me: I said I was doing it, so now I just have to make it happen!

Part of the problem for me as a blogger is that I am a painfully slow writer.  My typing is not an issue (I’m actually quite a good touch typer), it’s more that procrastination about words and phrasing sees me re-reading, deleting, re-writing and editing repeatedly.  I wish I could just let the words flow and just be as they first occur to me, but it doesn’t happen that naturally for me.  So that’s something to work towards, an outcome beyond the recording of the project through words and images: to increase my spontaneity as a writer.

Let me introduce my self and the purpose of this blog:

My name is Serena Rosevear and I am a visual artist who works mainly with ceramics, but employs other materials such as paper, textiles and wood as appropriate to each project.  Commencing in 2009 I studied fulltime towards a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at UTAS, graduating with First Class Honours in 2012.  I live in Launceston with my husband and our three children (ages 14, 16 and 21) where I am currently working on establishing a dedicated studio facility with the assistance of an ArtStart grant.

I’m writing this blog to serve the purpose of recording and sharing the process and outcomes of my period as Artist in Residence at St Patrick’s College, Launceston during 1st term, 2014.  The AIR 2014 program was developed and is managed by arts@work in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts and is being conducted in 7 secondary schools around Tasmania this year.  The program is aimed at exposing staff and year 11 and 12 students to professional arts practice, encouraging the sharing of skills and ideas while demonstrating the realities of a career in the arts.  The school provides the artist with a studio space within which they conduct their usual practice.  While at St Pat’s I will work closely with a small group of students as well as being available to other students and staff should they wish to interact. 

From my point of view the residency provides an opportunity to return to an idea that I have previously worked on (see pics, and I’ll blog about the idea as the project progresses), with a view to further developing it into a body of work for exhibition at a later date. 

Well that only took me …… an embarrassingly long amount of time to write. It is only day one I guess!!??

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