Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Research and doodling as creative process ....

Books, glorious books!

I suspect that books are going to become extra significant to my work during this residency: as a resource of physical material and as a resource for inspiration.  

While the internet is also an incredible resource it is lacking in tactility, and I am someone who is strongly informed by sensory input.  One of the wonderful things about working in a school environment is the access it allows to a library and its staff.  It was wonderful to be browsing the Art section yesterday and have the librarian approach me, already aware of my work and brimming with enthusiasm to help me with my research.  I walked out of the library with four wonderful titles and a determination to make the most of my access to this resource while I’m able.

This morning I spent some time with the small group of students I’m going to be working closest with during this residency.  I showed them a couple of TED talks (shared below) which are each playing a role in informing my current thought processes, then they joined me in one of my line-drawing exercises. I’ve begun to recognise these drawings as a method to free my mind, a sort of meditative action that may seem mindless but which facilitates thinking that I’m otherwise too busy to pay attention to.  This is also a process where boundaries are set which, converse to the creative concept of ‘stepping outside the box’, can promote ingenuity.  I experience this as a sort of antidote to the information and sensory overload that can be hard to escape in the rush of life, so these types of exercises have become an important part of my creative process.

Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake

Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!

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